Who we are

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We are design thinkers with backgrounds in service design. We set up Divergent in 2010 and got to work helping organisations create and innovate their products, services and customer experiences.

We're passionate about human-centred design for innovation. That's because we've seen the value of this approach time and again, and a human-centred approach always surprises us with fresh insights and ideas.

At Divergent, we’ve been fortunate to have been involved in some great opportunities to share innovation methods and mindsets:

  • we set up the Service Design Jam in NZ - a global challenge bringing together a bunch of strangers to design brand new services in 48 hours.
  • we’ve been involved in the Service Design Jam each year and it continues to grow.
  • we've worked with start-ups at Soda Inc, the Waikato business incubator, helping them to use design thinking to craft their offerings.
  • we delivered customer experience mapping workshops for students of AUT University's Service and Experience Design paper.
  • we are mentors for participants in the Innes 48 competition - a 48 hour business start-up competition.
Matt Currie

Matt Currie

Director, Customer Experience Designer

Matt is the Director and Principal at Divergent. Before Divergent, he spent six years designing customer experiences, and helping to develop a customer experience design methodology, with the NZ Inland Revenue Department.

Matt has had a hand in every project undertaken at Divergent, from building the capability of start-ups in the Czech Republic to developing a learning system to revitalise endangered languages.

Matt is a divergent thinker who loves ideating but knows when to converge too; he has experience with a range of tools and techniques to guide the innovation process.

Matt is especially skilled in customer experience strategy and insight development.

Matt’s Bachelor of Social Sciences gives him a contextual lens to apply to people’s experiences, attitudes, behaviours and needs. He combines that understanding with a thorough understanding of innovation methodologies to deliver great results for clients.

Kelly Ryan

Kelly Ryan

Director, Customer Experience Designer

Kelly co-founded Divergent, bringing a background in process improvement and service design in the public sector.

Kelly has been involved in a range of customer experience innovation projects, from improving the online experience of car renters to improving the experience of surgical patients.

Kelly is a skilled and passionate researcher, using ethnographic-style methods to uncover user experiences with authenticity. She is a divergent thinker, an excellent ideator and great at using prototypes for learning.

Kelly has a lot of experience with customer experience/journey mapping and also persona/customer profile development.

Kelly’s qualifications in Business and Tourism give her a grounded, big-picture approach. She pairs this with her empathy work to balance clients’ organisational goals and their customer’s needs.