Customer experience strategy and a new site for car renters


Our client

GO Rentals (GO) is a nationwide car rental company that pride themselves on providing great service. With a team of experienced and passionate staff, the company has grown significantly in it’s 15 years.

The challenge

GO operates in a highly competitive industry, and more and more customers are choosing to book rental cars online. GO wanted to ensure they remained competitive and continued to grow. They contacted us to help shape a digital customer experience strategy and a new e-commerce website.

Our response

Discovering the experience of the GO customer
We began by diving into the world of the GO customer. We conducted a series of customer interviews to understand what car hire was all about for them, and how the web fit into their experience.

We also went through the GO service ourselves, as customers, to find out what the entire car renting experience was like.

Developing a strategy for the way forward for digital touchpoints
Based on our direct customer research, we developed a comprehensive digital innovation strategy that identified:

  • the desired customer experience
  • particular areas to focus improvement efforts on.

Concept generation
Next we generated a wide range of concepts for innovation in the digital experience. We helped the GO team prioritise these concepts based on value to the business and to the customer.

Implementing innovations
We then helped the GO team complete the detailed design of a new website and mobile site. The new sites were launched in 2013.

The results

A new, validated perspective
The customer research and resulting digital strategy had a profound effect on how the GO team thought about their customers. This work has also informed everything from marketing and branding to how call centre staff deal with customers. The GO team now has a clear, detailed view of the entire customer experience.

Greater success
The new GO website has increased conversion rates and revenue for the company. The site has been recognised by customers and competitors alike as an injection of innovation into the traditional car rental experience.


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Key tools and methods used:

  • Ethnography-style research
  • Personas / customer profiles
  • Customer journey / experience mapping
  • Web usability testing

"We’ve achieved a better conversion rate online and gained greater understanding of our customers wants, needs and online buying behaviour.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Divergent to any business wanting to get the jump on its competitors and to innovate for your industry."

James Dalglish

General Manager, GO Rentals