Identifying web opportunities for wellness centre


Our client

As Well As is a health and wellness centre offering a holistic and natural approach to treating illness and maintaining health and wellbeing. This family business offers services relating to diet / nutrition, weight loss, neuromuscular health and meditation / stress relief.

The clinic uses a range of assessments to determine client’s needs. In prescribing and delivering treatment, the clinic has a particular focus on educating clients. Staff seek to teach clients how they can help themselves to achieve and maintain wellness long term.

The challenge

Having enjoyed three years of success, the directors at As Well As wanted to further grow the business. They had a specific interest in using the internet to provide customers with a better overall experience. They were also keen to create operational efficiencies for the business at the same time.

Our response

Using experience / journey mapping to solve problems and seize opportunities
We spent time with the As Well As team to get a really good understanding of their business. We suggested using customer experience / journey mapping to achieve the dual goals of identifying how to improve the customer experience and how to identify opportunities for greater efficiency.

Trying it for ourselves
We developed a persona representing a typical As Well As customer, complete with back story, goals and motivations and a service scenario. A Divergent staffer then went through the service scenario, and experienced the As Well As offering as this persona.

Mapping the experience
Next we analysed the experience of this As Well As customer and visualised it in a customer experience / journey map. This process revealed:

  • four distinct phases of activity for the customer
  • where and how the experience worked well for the customer
  • where and how the experience could be improved for the customer
  • the role of As Well As touch points in the customer experience.

Solving problems and seizing opportunities
Analysis of the customer experience / journey map highlighted how the web fit into the experience for As Well As customers. We also identified 10 ways in which the clinic could use the internet to improve the experience of their customers, and increase operational efficiencies. These opportunities ranged from refinements of existing online services to introducing totally new service elements.


Via the experience map, As Well As staff gained a clear and detailed view of their customer’s experience with their centre, from the customer’s perspective. The exercise validated some things that As Well As suspected were an issue for their customers, and highlighted new insights.

Staff were inspired to start actioning improvements to support outstanding customer experiences – they have used the journey map to help create an action plan for improving the online components of their service.


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Key tools and methods used:

  • Hypothetical persona
  • Try it for yourself
  • Customer journey / experience mapping

"The customer journey mapping process provided us with a clear and detailed view of our customers’ experiences from their initial contact with our Wellness Centre, and on through each of their many points of contact with us. The map provided thought provoking remarks from which we easily compiled an action list to work through, further developing and fine-tuning our processes so that our clients enjoy the greatest value from our services."

Jane Lawrence

Director, As Well As