Direct research producing authentic customer

We do direct, in-depth research with your customers.

We uncover their behaviours, attitudes, motivations, needs and values, and find out how your product or service fits into their lives.

This research produces rich, authentic insights to inspire innovation that people really want and need.

This is the first step if you want to:

  • find out what your customers really want and need
  • identify where and how to improve your product and service offerings
  • gain insights that inspire new ideas.


Actionable strategy mapping the way to great customer experiences

We work with you to develop a customer experience strategy.

Your strategy will guide the design and delivery of the desired experience for your customers.

A strategy is what you need if you want to:

  • clearly map the direction for designing the ideal experience for your customers
  • find the right path for developing a new or additional service offering
  • differentiate your organisation or service amongst your competitors.


Human-centred design of products and services that deliver results

We work with you to design or innovate your products and services, to add value for your customer and your organisation.

We do this by balancing your goals and your customer's needs.

This design and innovation process involves concept generation, prototyping, user testing and creating detailed specifications.

You need concept development and detailed design if you want to:

  • make tangible improvements to an existing product or service
  • design and deliver a brand new product or service.


Practical training in
design and innovation methods

We offer training in customer experience design and innovation.

Using a design thinking methodology, we build your organisation's capability in discovering and designing for your customer's needs.

You need some of this training if you want to:

  • learn a new methodolgy for innovating, based on genuine customer needs
  • learn how to go about improving products, services and interactions.

A couple of popular workshops we offer are:

  • Introduction to design thinking
  • Customer experience mapping.

Our approach

Customer centred

We do user centred design. This ensures that the design of products, services and interactions is based on genuine customer needs.

Prototype driven

We use prototyping, as it is a great way to find out what customers think of ideas before a whole lot of time and money has been spent on them.


We use iteration to step through from early ideas to the final result. An iterative approach allows us to refine ideas and solutions as we learn more about them at each stage.

Highly collaborative

We're big on collaboration - within our team and with you. We work alongside our clients to harness their knowledge and expertise and to share ours.

Why Divergent?

We're passionate about design thinking and customer experience design and innovation. We set up Divergent to share the extraordinary value of this way of working with NZ organisations.

With a combined 12 years service design experience in the private and public sectors behind us, we set up Divergent in 2010.

Since then, we have helped organisations across NZ and overseas innovate their and products and service offerings. We've worked with clients innovating in tourism, education, banking, start-up, freight, health and web development.

We'd love to work with you too.

Talk to us about your innovation ideas